Gene Therapy Revolution in Ophthalmology

Gene therapy implies the delivery of genes to somatic tissues for therapeutic purposes.  The eye is an attractive target for gene therapy because of its accessibility and its immune privilege. One of the most stringent tests of a gene therapy would be to replace the function of a defective ocular gene, since this requires the introduction and long term expression of a functional copy into many, if not a majority of, target cells. In the case of the retina, for example, specific genetic defects have been found in 20 of the 87 mapped genes causing genetic eye disorder. Most of these disorders result from single gene defects which are both highly disabling and potentially correctable. As an alternative, transferred genes expressing growth factors may be therapeutic in some of the degenerative disorders.7 These aspects of gene therapy have therefore attracted a growing body of researchers bent on revolutionising their treatment.

·         Gene therapy in corneal dystrophy

·         Gene therapy in Keratococonus

·         Gene therapy in Glaucoma

·         Gene therapy in Cataract

·         Genetic therapy in ADM

·         Gene therapy in RP

·         Gene therapy for Retinoblastoma