Advanced Imaging technologies/Ophthalmology Imaging

The fields of ophthalmic imaging and with focus on most commonly used imaging modalities. Ophthalmic imaging has progressive so much that its role has shifted from simple photographic documentation of the condition to a powerful and advanced investigation method enabling clinicians to make objective measurements and assessments of the structures and details of the eye unavailable to conventional clinical examination using ophthalmoscopy. Very quickly the progress in imaging techniques has been translated into a better understanding of the eye in health and disease, revealing new, previously undiagnosed conditions, a more detailed description of disease phenotype and providing an objective tool to evaluate the efficacy and safety of treatments. The most commonly used ophthalmic imaging modalities with an emphasis on recent developments in imaging techniques and clinical applications.

·        Colour fundus photography

·        Fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography

·        Paediatric fundus imaging

·        Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy

·        Optical coherence tomography

·        Clinical applications of posterior segment OCT

·        FAF imaging

·        Advance in anterior segment imaging

·        Anterior segment OCT

·        Other posterior segment OCT applications

·        Vitreo retinal interface abnormalities

·        Retinal vascular occlusions