Ocular injuries/ Eye Trauma

The structure of your face shields your eyes from injury. Still, wounds can damage your eye, sometimes severely enough that you could lose your vision. Most eye wounds are preventable.

Injuries to the eye and encompassing structures can be caused by blunt trauma from sport balls, fists, or airsoft/pellet/paintball guns; sharp trauma for example a stick, knives; or chemical trauma for example splash from a caustic substance like a cleaning material or pool supplies.  Safety glasses should be worn at all times while playing with airsoft/pellet/paintball guns and these should never be pointed at anybody faces.

The broadest type of injury occurs when something tease the outer surface of your eye. Certain jobs such as industrial jobs or hobbies such as carpentry make this type of injury more likely. It's also more likely if you wear contact lenses. Chemicals or heat can burn your eyes.