Tiny Robots Revolutionizing Eye Surgery

A medical robot is a robot used in the medical sciences. They include surgical robots. These are in most telemanipulators, which use the surgeon's actions on one side to control the "effector" on the other side. The Robotic Retinal Dissection Device, known as R2D2, allows surgeons to make minuscule incisions, shift membranes as small as a hundredth of a millimeter thick, and perform other incredibly precise maneuvers on patients' eyes using "a joystick and a camera feed." The device was designed in part to eliminate tremors in a surgeon's hand, and last September 2017 doctors at Oxford University used R2D2 to perform the first-ever operation via robot inside a human eye.

Robots are already common in operating rooms, "but until now surgical robots have been too bulky to be used in certain procedures" on such a small scale.