Vitrectomy/ Vitreo-retinal surgery

Vitrectomy is a surgery to remove the vitreous gel from the center of the eye. It may be done when there is a retinal detachment or if blood in the vitreous gel (vitreous discharge) does not clear on its own. Removing the vitreous gel gives your eye specialist better access to the back of the eye. Vitrectomy is done by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) who has special training in treating problems of the retina.

During surgery, the doctor uses small devices to remove the vitreous gel. Then the specialist may treat other eye issues, for example a retinal detachment, vitreous drain, scar tissue on the retina, or tears or holes in the macula.

At the end of the surgery, the specialist may inject an oil or gas bubble into the eye. This gently presses the retina against the wall of the eye. If an oil bubble is used, the doctor will need to evacuate/remove the oil after the eye has healed.